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Skills Competition Reminder
by posted 02/14/2020


Reminder we have the Grade 6 Skills Competition tomorrow at 12:00pm at the Portsmouth MS.  The following is a list of the events that we will compete in against Rye.  Please arrive about 15 minutes prior to teh start.  Thank you and see you tomorrow.

1. Team Shooting - Teams will compete against each other to make a specified number of shots from multiple spots on the floor.  Each team will have one ball, players must get their own rebound and pass to next in line.
2.Hot Shot - Each player will get 45 seconds to score as many point as possible.  The floor will be marked with spots worth 2,3,4 and 6 points.  Player can not shoot from the same spot twice in a row.  After 45 seconds, player will get one bonus foul shot worth 5 pts to be added to their total score.
3. Skills Course - Each player will run through the course which includes passing, dribbling and layups similar to NBA skills competition.  Quickest time to complete all tasks wins.
4. 3 Point Contest - Players will shoot five balls from three spots around the arch (might move girls in a couple feet).  The first four shots at each spot are worth one point.  The fifth ball at each rack is a "money ball" and will be worth two points.
Small prizes will be awarded to winners in each session.
Coach Avery
Coach McGuckin

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Saturday Skills Competition Reminder
by posted 02/12/2020

Parents / players,

Reminder we have our last event of the season on Saturday, Feb. 15 at 12:00pm at the Portsmouth MS.  It's a skills compeition vs. Rye where the players will participate in a number of team-related shooting, passing, etc. type of events.  Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start so we can get everyone set up.  Please let us know if you're unable to attend. Thank you and have a great reset of your week.

Coach Avery

Coach McGuckin

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